Xiling Snow Mountain


Basic Facts of Xiling Snow Mountain

Chinese Name: 西岭雪山 Pronunciation: Xīlǐng Xuěshān

Peak Altitude: 5,364 meters

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1-2 Days

Occupied Area: 483 square kilometers

Address: Xiling Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China


Admission Ticket Fare

Tour Ticket Package Package Price Content
Ticket + round-trip cableway 240 yuan         Ticket to Xiling Snow Mountain + round-trip cableway tour ticket
Ticket + round-trip cableway + round-trip sightseeing cableway 298 yuan         Ticket to Xiling Snow Mountain + round-trip cableway tour ticket to Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond + round-trip cableway tour ticket to Sun and Moon Platform


  • Note:

1. Senior citizens aged 60 to 65 years old (with valid certificate) enjoy half price for the admission fee on national legal holidays.

2. Children aged 6 to 18 years old (with valid certificate) enjoy half price for the admission fee.

3. Please refer to the official website or WeChat Account for price policy of night snow.

  • Ticket Free of Charge Policy

1. Children under 6 years old or under 1.2 meters are free of charge for the admission fee, round-trip cableway to Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond, and round-trip sightseeing cableway to Sun and Moon Platform.

2. Senior citizens over 65 years old (with valid certificate) are free of charge.

3. Senior citizens aged 60 to 65 years old (with valid certificate) are free of charge on non-national legal holidays.

4. The above policy in 2 and 3 is only applicable to the admission fee.


Opening Hours

Time Opening Hours
Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday
December 1st-March 31st  8:00 – 18:00    7:30 – 18:00
April 1st -November 30th  9:00 – 18:00

  • Note:

The opening hours of January 1st and the 1st to 10th days of the 1st Chinese lunar month is from 6:30 to 18:00.


Introduction of Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist resort, Xiling Snow Mountain
Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist resort

Xiling Snow Mountain covers a total area of 483 square kilometers, with the altitude from 1260 to 5364 meters. It is only 110 kilometers away from Chengdu, and high-class roads are built to support convenient transportation. In this area, the highest temperature in summer is 25 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature is 6 degrees Celsius.

The snow season is from the beginning of December to the end of the next March every year. The snow is above 60 centimeters thick with excellent quality. Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing Resort is the largest mount skiing resort in China, as well as the largest mountain grass skiing field and grassland leisure sports field.

The skiing resort covers a mountainous platform of 7 square kilometers, with an average altitude of 2,300 meters. It forms the unique spectacle of snow plain in the south of China and is honored as the “Ice and Snow Land in South China” and “Alps in the East”. It is the unique ice and snow scenic spot that has a condition to bid to host the Winter Olympic Games.


Big Events Happened in Xiling Snow Mountain

On August 20, 1944, 88 B-29 long-range bombers from the 58th Wing of the U.S. Air Force took off from Chengdu Airport and flew directly to Japan. After successfully bombing the Yawata Steel Base in Japan, the entire fleet returned to Chengdu. One of the bombers, who is nicknamed “Mantis in Prayer” and numbered 42-6286, unfortunately, crashed on Xiling Snow Mountain due to exhaustion of fuel. Local people have always said that the wreckage of an airplane was scattered on the ridge of Daxuetang in Xiling Snow Mountain.

The Sea of Clouds, Xiling Snow Mountain
The Sea of Clouds

In July 2001, the descendants of the “Flying Tigers” soldiers and a Chinese-American, Yang Benhua (Bernard Yang), led a non-profit, non-governmental organization, Thin & High (hua zang shan she), to Xiling Snow Mountain. The snow was up to the wind and there was no one in Xiling Snow Mountain. The 13 people traveled for 15 days and finally found part of the wreckage of the fighter plane and part of the relics of the 11 martyrs of the crew.

In May 2002, Thin & High donated the wreckage of the aircraft’s engine to the Chinese Revolution Museum. The New England Museum, one of the Chinese museums in the United States, after identifying the part of the wreckage, issued a notarized certificate for this action. Yang Benhua said that during the period of aid to China, the US military lost thousands of military aircraft, but little wreckage was found.

On June 30, 2004, Yang Benhua once again led a group of 6 members of Thin & High. With the assistance of local Tibetan compatriots, a monument to commemorate the “Flying Tigers” was erected on the place where the fighter plane crashed.


Top Amazing Sights You Should Not Miss

Sun and Moon Platform

Sun and Moon Platform, Xiling Snow Mountain
Sun and Moon Platform

Sun and Moon Platform is like a primitive world, with vast seas of magnificent clouds, magical Buddha’s light, the beautiful sunrise, and the radiance of rainbow. At this place, visitors can appreciate the magnificent scenery of the clouds and the sky, and feel the illusory Penglai Wonderland. In the night, the bright moon hangs in the clear sky, and it seems that the stars can be reached easily. According to the old saying, the magical Buddha light of Sun and Moon Platform is rare, and everyone who has seen it will have good luck and prosperous life.

Panda Forest

Panda Forest, Xiling Snow Mountain
Panda Forest

The panda is a first-class protected animal in China. It is native to the mountains of southwest China. It is known as the “national treasure” and its staple food is arrow bamboo. The bamboo forest in Xiling Snow Mountain is dense with rich vegetation and has a pleasant climate. It is a natural breeding habitat and shelter for pandas.

Panda Forest in Xiling Snow Mountain is the very place where pandas appear frequently. It is developed and named as a commemoration of the pandas.

Yin Yang Boundary

Yin Yang Boundary, Xiling Snow Mountain
Yin Yang Boundary

The wonderful attraction is Yin Yang Boundary in the area of Baishagang(White Rock Hill). The top of the ridge is only two-meter wide, and the rock wall is like a knife. Yin Yang Boundary is not only a mountain but also a watershed between two completely different climates.

These two different air currents meet on Baishagang, forming a peculiar atmosphere: The western part is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau climate, which is cold and dry, and the eastern part is the basin climate, which is warm and humid. Sometimes, the sky of one side is clear and blue, meanwhile, the other side are misty and hazy, giving tourists infinite and mysterious imagination.

Du Fu Pavilion, Xiling Snow Mountain
Du Fu Pavilion

Du Fu Pavilion

Looked from distance, Du Fu Pavilion resembles a picture showing that the great poet Du Fu was drinking and writing a poem to beg God to bless the Chinese people and spectacle landscapes of the motherland. Looked closely, it is an old tree that was battered by thunder and lightning, however, still as safe as a rock. Tourists who first see Du Fu Pavilion are all surprised as it is not sculptured artificially but really vivid. Du Fu Pavilion has become a popular attraction in Xiling Snow Mountain.


Guanyun Platform, Xiling Snow Mountain
Guanyun Platform

Guanyun Platform

Standing on the Guanyun Platform, tourists can see the scenery of Xiling Snow Mountain. Tourists can watch the ever-changing wonders of the cloud sea, especially on the days when the weather is clear. It is the best location to see clouds. The waves of the rolling clouds are large as if tourists are in a fairyland outside the sky.


Stories of Xiling Snow Mountain

Love Story About Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond

Mandarin Duck Pond,  Xiling Snow Mountain
Mandarin Duck Pond

As the legend goes, a long time ago, when the Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond volcano erupted, the local people have no means to live. A young man blocked the fire to save the villagers. But after he jumped into the crater, the volcano was still erupting. Therefore, the girl who loved this young man also jumped down. A miracle happened that the volcano finally stopped erupting and overflowed with a stream of clear spring.

Since then, there are groups of mandarin ducks in the pool every summer. The crater is on the edge of Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond. The volcano pit is more than one meter deep and about four meters in diameter. A stream of spring water is flowing into the pit, where there is a bowl-sized hole, with melodious sound.

Story of Xu Xiake

The ancient scholar Xu Xiake, with his friend had passed through Xiling Snow Mountain. Although Xu Xiake had traveled numerous China’s famous mountains and rivers and seen countless beautiful scenery, he was still shocked at the scenery of Xiling Snow Mountain. Impressed by the height of the sky and the majestic snow-capped mountains, he involuntarily wanted to climb.

Xu Xiake Climbed the Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain
Xu Xiake Climbed the Mountain

Because no one had ever conquered the mountain, the local residents tried to stop him, but Xu Xiake and his friends were determined to climb. Seeing that Xu Xiake could not be persuaded, the villagers took out their self-brewed wine as the gift for them.

Without any auxiliary means, Xu and his friends started their journey. After more than four-hour climbing, they reached the top of the snow mountain. However, after experiencing the pride of conquering nature, they were beaten by the incomparable coldness. At the moment when he was about to fall, his fingers touched the warmth that he would never notice at all. Oh! It turned out to be the gourd with liquor given by the villagers, so the two of them laughed at each other and sipped the liquor. In this way, the heat emitted by the alcohol supported their almost collapsed bodies to climb down the mountain.

The villagers exclaimed with joy and they poured wine into their mouths. The next day, Xu Xiake asked about the reason, and the villagers replied that this wine is brewed of grain and snow spring, which is of high degree and can warm your body quickly!


Suggested Travel Route

Sports route: Visitor Center → Cableway to Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond→ take Bus to Yingxue Square → Skiing (Snow) Motor Area → Sports Area A, B, and C → Exit

Sightseeing route: Visitor Center → Cableway to Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond → take Bus to Yingxue Square → Sun and Moon Platform Cableway → Mandarin Duck(Yuanyang) Pond → Yin Yang Boundary → Exit

  • Note: For specific information, please refer to Xiling Snow Mountain Panoramic Guided Map.


Warm Tips

Xiling Snow Mountain is worth visiting in winter. There is something that tourists need to pay attention to.

Sufficient warm clothing, especially for tourists who want to hike up the mountain, is needed. Tourists should carefully assess their physical condition and wear adequate clothing. They also need to make sure to wear a pair of gloves that are warm and can operate the camera flexibly.

Self-driving tourists should pay attention to the fact that there is often snow on the road to the scenic spot in winter, so drivers need to drive carefully.

Tourists who wish to hike can travel in groups. Although the scenic area is well developed, the hiking time is very long. The road conditions in winter is not good enough, and the driving altitude rises quickly. Traveling in groups can help each other and avoid danger.

Take care of your camera. The cold weather in winter will have a great impact on the work of the camera. Be careful not to expose the camera to the outside. After taking the picture, tourists need to put it in the camera bag to keep warm.


How to Get to Xiling Snow Mountain

By Bus

Take a bus from Chadianzi Passenger Station in Chengdu and take off at Xiling Snow Mountain. It takes about 90 minutes (about 40 yuan).

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去西岭雪山。English: Please take me to Xiling Snow Mountain.

If you go to Xiling Snow Mountain from the Cezanne Manor Hotel & Resort in Dayi County, it takes about 80 minutes (about 150 yuan).

If you go to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it takes about 140 minutes (about 350 yuan).

If you go to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu Railway Station, it takes about 150 minutes (about 350 yuan).

Xiling Snow Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain
Xiling Snow Mountain

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