Sichuan Science and Technology Museum


Basic Facts of Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

Chinese Name: 四川科技馆 Pronunciation: Sìchuān Kējìguǎn

Recommended Time for Visit: 1.5 Hours

Occupied Area: 60,000 square meters

Best Visiting Season: All Seasons

Opening Time: November 2, 2006

Address: No.16, Section 1, Central Renmin Rd, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China


Admission Ticket Fare: Free

  • Note:

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is open to the public free of charge, but visitors need their ID cards or passports to get a ticket.

Visitors need to make a reservation on the official website or the official WeChat account with valid identity documents before they go to the museum to get the tickets. Online reservation is the only way to get tickets.


Serving Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 17:00
Monday closed

  • Note:

1. Admission stops at 16:00.
2. For opening hours on national holidays, please refer to the announcement of the museum.


Overview of Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

The Main Entrance,Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
The Main Entrance

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum is located to the north of Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu and is a landmark in the central business district of Chengdu. The museum covers an area of 60,000 square meters with a construction area of 41,800 square meters. The permanent exhibition area in the museum is 25,000 square meters.

There are 16 exhibition areas with about 360 pieces of exhibits, which includes Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall, Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall, Virtual World Exhibition, as well as 4 featured theatres including 4D Cinema, “Flying to the Future” Theatre, Robot Theatre, and “Origin of Life” Theatre. With the help of modern display means, scientific and technological knowledge is vividly popularized to the public.


Development of Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum was rebuilt from the former Sichuan Exhibition Hall and opened to the public on November 2, 2006.

After 10 years of operation, it was completely renovated in June 2016.


What to See & Experience at Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

First Floor

Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall,Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall

The first floor of Sichuan Science and Technology Museum takes “Asking the Universe, Asking the Water, Asking the Future” as its theme. The first floor includes four indoor exhibition halls and two outdoor exhibition halls in the east and west courts.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall

The Dujiangyan Irrigation System Hall covers about 800 square meters, and it mainly reveals the scientific principle of water control by Li Bing, an expert on water conservancy during the Warring States Period (475 BC – 221 BC) by displaying the three major projects – the Yuzui Bypass Dike, the Feishayan Floodgate, and the Baopingkou Diversion Passage.

Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall

Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall,Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall

The Aeronautics and Space Exhibition Hall covers an area of about 1,500 square meters, showing the basic knowledge and scientific and technological development in the field of aerospace, the course of human exploration of space and astronomical phenomena.

Exhibits, such as “Passenger Plane Profile”, “Aircraft Landing Gear”, “Turbine Engine” and “Black Box”, can help you understand the structure and function of an aircraft.

“Small Ball Flying in the Air”, “Bamboo Dragonfly”, “Hot Air Balloon” and “Feeling Lift” and other exhibition items help you learn about aerodynamics.

You can participate in exhibition items such as “Virtual Driving of Passenger Aircraft” and “Simulation Driving of Fighter Aircraft” to appreciate the charm of aviation technology.

In the “Space Station”, you can see the internal structure of the “Tiangong” and experience the immersion brought by the combination of VR technology and exhibits.

You can participate in interactive exhibitions such as “Three-dimensional Rolling Ring”, “360-degree Bicycle” and “Lunar Bounce” to experience the hardships of astronaut training.

In “Flying to the Future” Theatre, you can watch the movie of humans conquering the universe and traveling in space at the dome theater. You can also participate in the open interactive digital classes about the astronomical phenomena at the lecture hall.

Natural Mystery Exploration Exhibition

Natural Mystery Exploration Exhibition,Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Natural Mystery Exploration Exhibition

Different “Insect Voices” can be heard in “Forest Kingdom”. You can also observe the surrounding environment through “Animal Eyes” and experience “My Orchard”, “Nutrient Transportation”, “Soil Story” and “Little Ant Hercules” and other exhibitions to understand animal living habits and plant growth characteristics.

You can participate in exhibitions such as “Solar Water Wheel”, “Wind Forest”, “Aeolian Landform” and “Excavation Site” and have intimate contact with nature’s water, soil, and wind.

You can feel the amazing atmosphere created by scaling through experiencing “Honeycomb Space” and “Can You Jump as High as Fleas?”.

Awareness and Sharing Exhibition

Awareness and Sharing Exhibition, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Awareness and Sharing Exhibition

Through participating in exhibitions such as “Touch”, “Smell”, “Listen”, “Fear” and “Eccentric Voice”, children can understand various ways to obtain information and understand that there are many ways to communicate with what they see, hear, taste, smell, feel and learn.

By participating in exhibitions such as “Opening the Box of Memory”, “Elephant Trunk Mountain Parent-Child Reading and Sharing Space” and “Puzzle Paradise”, children can open their inner world and observe how they receive information and feed it back to each other. They can also experience the fun of sharing and reap happiness by telling little secrets or donating their idle toys or books.

Kids Fun Zone

Kids Fun Zone, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Kids Fun Zone

Children can choose different occupations to play and challenge, to learn what cooperation is and what competition is, thus promoting children to learn more problem-solving abilities.

By participating in seven simulated adult professional experiences such as “Assembly Workshop”, “Construction Site”, “Fire Station”, “Art Workshop”, “Ophthalmology Clinic”, “Studio” and “Baking Room”, children will have the opportunity to explore their hearts and find out what career direction they will take or their interests in career choice.

Second Floor

The theme of the second floor of the museum is “Seeking Knowledge, Seeking Wisdom and Seeking Traces”, and the exhibition area is about 5,200 square meters.

Mechanical Exhibition

Mechanical Exhibition, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Mechanical Exhibition

You can participate in the large-scale “Rolling Ball” activity in which many people will cooperate together to make the steel ball roll up, and understand the structure and principle of various mechanical devices.

In the exhibition “Zigong Ancient Salt Well Drilling and Production Technology”, you can experience the ancient Sicuan people’s wonderful well repair and salt production technology.

Virtual World Exhibition

You will experience wonderful and exciting virtual interactive projects in “Car Simulation Driving”, “Dynamic Platform” and “Virtual Sports”.

Mathematics and Mechanics Exhibition

Mathematics and Mechanics Exhibition, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Mathematics and Mechanics Exhibition

You will experience the charm of art created by Mathematics in “Hyperbolic Slit and Hyperboloid”, “Mobius Belt”, and “Brahma Tower”.

You will see how the earth’s rotation is proved by watching “Foucault Pendulum”.

You will feel the application of mechanics in daily life through “Lever Principle” and “Pull Yourself”.

Sound, Light and Electricity Exhibition

At this hall, you can listen to the echo in the “Echo Tube” to understand the acoustic principle, appreciate the secret of color in “Wonderful Colors” and “Light Path”, learn the causes of various discharge phenomena in “High Voltage Discharge” and think about how lightning is generated, and why buildings should be equipped with lightning protection facilities.

Robot World,Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Robot World

Robot World

At Robot World, you will watch a 30-minute stage play of five acts, “Robot Theater”, “Star Stage” and “Robot Fish” performed by robots, play games of “Crack Shot”, “Rock Paper Scissors”, “One Heart and Three Uses” and “Piercing A Willow Leaf 100 Steps Away”, have zero-distance contact with “Eva” and “Baby Seal”. After buying a Rubik’s Cube in the “Robot Shop”, you can give it to Robot “Shushu” and ask it to perform its unique skills.

Third Floor

The theme of the third floor of the museum is “Living, Existence, and Life”. The exhibition area is about 5,200 square meters.

The third floor Includes six exhibition halls. It covers the mysteries of the human body and life, scientific lifestyle, ways of escape in real disasters and dangers, ecological construction, utilization of water resources, development and historical changes of transportation, scientific knowledge in daily life, etc.

Life Science Exhibition

Life Science Exhibition, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Life Science Exhibition

You can understand the origin and evolution of life and feel the greatness of life in the immersive “Origin of Life” Theatre. You can participate in “Teeth, Tongue, and Taste”, “Human Bone Island”, Eye Exhibition Group, “Heart”, “Brain Division”, “Stomach and Intestine”, Life Breeding Exhibition Group, “Mystery of Skin Color” and other exhibition items to experience the division of labor and cooperation of “Human Body Factory” and understand the functions of human organs.

You can also participate in the “Gene Tree” and “Frozen Ark” exhibitions to understand the most basic units of life structure and human protection methods for endangered animals, so as to enhance the awareness of the wonder of life and the protection of animals.


Warm Tips

Online reservation for children is needed. Children under 1.4 meters and seniors above 75 years old should be accompanied by adults. One adult can bring no more than two children who are under 1.4 meters.

On the day of the visit, visitors must wear masks and bring valid ID cards or passports.

When queuing up to enter the museum, please keep a distance of one meter. Please cooperate with the staff to carry out body temperature test and security check before entering the museum.

Audiences with abnormal body temperature (≥ 37.3 ℃), cough, shortness of breath, and other abnormal phenomena are not allowed to enter the museum.


How to Get to Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

By Bus

Take bus 16, 45, 53, 61, 64 or the Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 to Tianfu Square East Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去四川科技馆。English: Please take me to Sichuan Science and Technology Museum.

If you go to Sichuan Science and Technology Museum from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it takes about 30 minutes (about 50 yuan).

If you go to Sichuan Science and Technology Museum from Chengdu East Train Station, it takes about 25 minutes (about 25 yuan).

By Metro

Take Metro Line 1 to Tianfu Square Station (Exit H).

Take Metro Line 2 to Tianfu Square Station (Exit G1).

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

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