Cheung Chau Island


Basic Information of Cheung Chau Island

Chinese Name: 长洲岛 Pronunciation: Chángzhōu Dǎo

Admission Ticket Fare: Free

Opening Hours: All day

Recommended Visiting Hours: 1 Day

Occupied Area: 2.4 square kilometers

Address: Islands District, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China


Introduction of Cheung Chau Island

Fishing Boats,Cheung Chau Island
Fishing Boats

The island is called Cheung Chau because it is long and narrow, with large ends and thin middle (“Cheung” means long and “Chau” means land in Chinese). Some people think it is like a dumbbell and call it Dumbbell Island. Located in the southwest of Hong Kong, and with an area of only 2.4 square kilometers and about 30,000 residents, it is the most densely populated island in Islands District of Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau flourished as a fishing port and a stopover point for trading vessels. Although the trade center was later transferred to Hong Kong and Kowloon, its function as a fishing port has not faded at all. It still retains the appearance of the fishing port, showing the active image of a fishing village. Besides, there are many fishing boats moored near the pier which is the most suitable resort for summer vacation.


Cheung Chau Island Top Amazing Sights You Should not Miss

Yuk Hui Temple

Yuk Hui Temple, also known as Pak Tai Temple, is located at the northern end of Pak She Street of Cheung Chau Island. This Taoist temple was built in the 48th year (1783) of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). It has a history of more than 200 years.

Yuk Hui Temple,Cheung Chau Island
Yuk Hui Temple

Residents of Cheung Chau believe in the sea god Pak Tai (Beidi) and they would pray for the protection of the god to safeguard the boats. The temple is a traditional three-entry building. The main hall is spacious, the altar is placed in the center, and side halls are set on both sides, which are symmetrical. There is a granite staircase built in front of the building, and a stone incense burner and two pairs of stone lions are placed outside the door. There are also many lions curved on the tile surface and eaves of the building.

The antiquities in the temple include a large iron sword and fish bones of the Song Dynasty(960-1279) that were placed in the building by fishermen in the early years, an imperial carriage, a stone incense burner, and a bronze bell of the Qing Dynasty.


Story of Cheung Chau Island

According to a legend, a natural cave on the edge of the West Bay in Cheung Chau was the hiding place for Cheung Po Tsai, a famous pirate in the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, to escape from the imperial chase. It is said to be one of the secret places for his treasure collection. So, this cave was called Cheung Po Tsai Cave by later generations.


Warm Tips

Cheung Chau Island is the hometown of windsurfer Lee Lai Shan, and the Guanyin Bay of Cheung Chau Island is very suitable for windsurfing, so if you also like this sport, Cheung Chau Island is a great place for you.


Suggested Travel Route

Cheung Chau Pier → Cheung Chau Market → Tianhou (Tin Hau) Temple in West Bay → Mini Great Wall Trail → Guanyin Bay Beach → East Bay Beach → Yuk Hui Temple → Cheung Chau Pier


Best Travel Time

Cheung Chau Island is worth visiting all year round. There are more travelers in the spring.


How to Get to Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island can be accessed through ordinary and fast ferry services at Pier No. 5 of the Central Ferry Piers, located in Man Kwong Street. The ordinary and fast ferry services take about 50 and 30 minutes respectively.

  • The fare tables are as follows:
Ordinary Ferry Service (HK$)
Mondays to Saturdays Sundays & Public Holidays
Ordinary Deluxe  Ordinary Deluxe
Adults  13.60 21.30 20.20 31.00
(65 years or above) 
6.80  10.70  10.10 15.50
(3-11 years) 


Fast Ferry Service (HK$)
Mondays to Saturdays Sundays & Public Holidays
Adults  26.80 38.80
(65 years or above) 
13.40  10.70  19.40
(3-11 years) 


  • Note: Seniors and Children buy the concessionary ticket should take their valid certificate.
    Cheung Chau Island,Cheung Chau Island
    Cheung Chau Island

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Can I go fishing with the local people on the sea?
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Yes, you can.
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