Hong Kong Ocean Park


Basic Facts of Hong Kong Ocean Park

Chinese Name: 香港海洋公园 Pronunciation: xiāng gǎng hǎi yáng gōng yuán

Occupied Area: 170 Acres

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1 Day

Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00

Building Time: 1977

Best Visiting Time: From June to February

Address: 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, South District, Hong Kong



Admission Ticket Fee

Adult 498 HKD
Children between 3-11 years old 249 HKD
Children under 3 years old Free


Overview of Hong Kong Ocean Park

Cable Car,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Cable Car

Hong Kong Ocean Park is the largest ocean park in Asia. It is located at the southern tip of Hong Kong Island. The Hong Kong Ocean Park is divided into two sections known as the Summit and the Waterfront. The larger section is located on the headland of Brick Hill. The smaller part is in the lowland of Huangchu Hang Valley. There is a cable car between the two parts. The cable car connects the lowland and the headland section to form a complete park area. You can enjoy spectacular scenery on the way.

Hong Kong Ocean Park is a world-class theme park that integrates sea and land animals, entertainments and large-scale performances. It is also one of the most popular theme parks in the world with the highest number of visitors.


What to See & Experience at Hong Kong Ocean Park

The Ocean Park is divided into eight areas, including Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals, Whiskers Harbour, Polar Adventure, Rainforest, Marine World, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land.

 Aqua City

Aqua City,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Aqua City

This area was inaugurated on January 27th, 2011 by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Donald Tsang. It covers an area of 200,000 square feet and is sponsored by China Mobile Hong Kong Limited.

There is an artificial lake in the Aqua City area, which has the world's first 360-degree panoramic water curtain fountain with a height of 9 meters. During the day, there is a musical fountain every 15 minutes, and there will be continuous audiovisual and stunning water curtain performances for about 10 minutes from 7:00 p.m.. There will also be a 360-degree water curtain with a height of 10 meters and a diameter of 15 meters, as well as fountains, lights and fireworks in these performances.

  • The Grand Aquarium

    The Grand Aquarium,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    The Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium is one of the top ten aquariums in the world. It has a water capacity of more than 520,000 liters and a water depth of 11 meters. There are more than 400 species and more than 5,000 precious fishes kept in the museum, which is twice as much as the number of the species and fishes in the previous aquarium.

There are bluefin tuna and hammerhead sharks that were exhibited in Hong Kong for the first time among them. There is also the world's largest viewing dome with a diameter of 5.5 meters, allowing visitors to explore the underwater world. Visitors can also see all the fish in the museum at once at the giant viewing screen, which is 8 meters high and 13 meters wide.

The Giant Panda An An,Hong Kong Ocean Park
The Giant Panda An An
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures

The lovely Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Le Le and Qi Qi, have already resided in Hong Kong Ocean Park and are now neighbors with the giant panda An An! The Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey is one of the most precious monkey species in Asia. Lele and Qiqi have light blue faces and bright orange-gold hair, coupled with agile skills, which are the main attractions for tourists.

 Amazing Asian Animals

Giant Panda Adventure,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Giant Panda Adventure

  • Giant Panda Adventure

In this venue, visitors can discover the interesting side of the national treasure. In addition to visiting the beloved giant panda stars Yingying and Lele, you will also see pandas from the temperate bamboo forests of China. During the journey, visitors can also see the style of the world’s largest amphibian giant salamander and learn about their habits.


Gator Marsh,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Gator Marsh,
  • Gator Marsh

The Chinese alligator, an endangered species from the Yangtze River in China, will tell  their legendary stories in the "Gator Marsh". In ancient times, the Chinese alligator was regarded as a divine beast in Chinese mythology. However, due to the destruction of natural habitats and illegal hunting by humans, the Chinese alligator, which could have survived for 50 years in the wild, is now facing the threat of extinction!

 Whisker Harbour

Whisker Harbour was formerly known as Children’s Kingdom and opened in 1993.

  • Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure

    Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure

This venue can make visitors feel that they have been in a comprehensive understanding of African wildlife when they visit this exciting new star. The cute and energetic mongoose loves to dart, stand up and look around, while the Aldabra giant tortoise does everything slowly. The exhibition also displays African tribal-style decorations and interactive games where visitors can help the mongoose choose food or race against other African animals. Visitors can also enjoy and use all their five senses to learn about our newest animal friend here.

In addition to the layout of African ethnic colors, there are interactive games that stimulate the five senses, such as helping meerkats to choose food, racing with African animals. Thus, visitors of all ages can get to know the interesting knowledge of meerkats and tortoises and understand how to respect different animals.

Merry-Go-Round,Hong Kong Ocean Park
  • Merry-Go-Round

In this place, visitors can ride on the colorful and beautiful wooden horses and carriages, and go round and round with melodious music. This game, loved by young and old, is filled with incomparable warmth and joy. It is most suitable for families to ride together and create wonderful family memories!

 Polar Adventure

  • North Pole Encounter

    North Pole Encounter,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    North Pole Encounter

There are two pacific walruses about 3.6 meters long and weighing over one ton in the North Pole Encounter. The venue is specially designed according to the natural environment of the Arctic, so visitors can hear the calls of seals from time to time and watch their activities on the snow-covered coast. At the same time, visitors can walk into the transparent underwater tunnel and appreciate their underwater swimming style from a new perspective!

  • South Pole Spectacular

There are more than 90 penguins in the South Pole Spectacular, including the second largest penguin species in the world, Emperor penguins. There are also special viewing facilities such as transparent floor and observation deck, allowing you to admire this cute group of Antarctic residents from different angles!


The Rapids,Hong Kong Ocean Park
The Rapids

  • The Rapids

Here visitors can board the adventure boat and conquer a series of trials. This torrent tour will take visitors into the tropical rainforest. Visitors will traverse eddies and torrents again and again, and jump into the dark forest in one second, and rush into the dazzling sunlight in the next second! They have to be careful with waterproof guns falling from the sky because passengers on the adventure path will spray you with water guns at any time.

  • Expedition Trail

    Expedition Trail,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Expedition Trail

In Expedition Trail, visitors can get into the heart of the rainforest, where strange and beautiful creatures roam. In the venue, visitors can hear the calls of world’s largest and smallest toucans, the toco toucan and the green aracari, and spot the brilliantly coloured poison frogs. Visitors can also discover the arapaima, one of the world’s largest freshwater fish, and the wide-eyed kinkajou. There are more of the world’s most astounding animals lurking beneath the leaves, like the pygmy marmoset and the capybara, whose incredible adaptability to their habitats make them interesting to learn about and crucial to protect.

 Marine World

The aquarium is one of the most popular places for tourists in Marine World. After rebuilding at a cost of HK$65 million, the new aquarium takes the coral environment of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific as its new theme. The aquarium is not only home to more than 4,000 fishes, but also one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. It accommodates up to 600 visitors at the same time. Visitors can enjoy the graceful posture of various fishes from different angles in the four-storey aquarium.

Ferris Wheel,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Ferris Wheel
  • Ferris Wheel

It is 24 meters high. On the Ferris Wheel, visitors can not only overlook the beauty of Hong Kong Ocean Park, but also enjoy the vast sea view of South China. This is a good opportunity to take pictures with friends or lovers in front of this beautiful scenery and leave a precious and unforgettable moment.

  • Ocean Park Tower

Ocean Park Tower is located at an altitude of 200 meters and is one of the tallest sightseeing towers in Southeast Asia, allowing visitors to enjoy the 360-degree view of the South China Sea. In addition to enjoying the azure view of the sea and sky, visitors can also enjoy the coastal scenery of Aberdeen and outlying islands from a condescending point of view, and experience the Hong Kong Ocean Park and nearby areas in all directions.

  • The Dragon

    The Dragon,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    The Dragon

The Dragon is one of the largest roller coasters in Hong Kong and the first one in China. It is 842 meters in length, and it can be rotated 360 degree and turned back with its side wings. Because the roller coaster is built next to the sea, it will give visitors the feeling of being washed into the sea. The "Crazy Roller Coaster" combines thrills, excitement and screaming. The journey first takes you to dive down like a gust of wind from the high sky, and then spirally toss on the winding track, traversing a series of 360-degree rotating loops.

 Thrill Mountain

  • Hair Raiser

    Hair Raiser,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Hair Raiser

Hair Raiser is 35 meters high, about 850 meters long and has a top speed of 88 kilometers per hour, and 4 reversals. The roller coaster travel direction is unique in the world. Hair Raiser is designed with both feet suspending in the air. It will take visitors slowly up to mid-air and visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the South China Sea. In a blink of an eye, it will slide down and dive wildly at an amazing speed. The journey goes through turns and sharp turns one after another, coupled with the strong four gravity, giving visitors a faster and crazier speeding pleasure. Moreover, the centrifugal experience is more exciting, and the screams resound in the sky!

The Flash,Hong Kong Ocean Park
The Flash
  • The Flash

The Flash looks like an iron arm. The fuselage is more than 22 meters high. Its powerful arm swings in the air at an astonishing speed of 60 kilometers per hour, coupled with crazy rotation, and a sudden 360-degree volley. It can let visitors feel the extreme gravity of 3.9G, and instantly bring the thrill of selflessness! This is the only big pendulum in China that is 360-degree, and visitors can experience the feeling of 180-degree inversion.

 Adventure Land

Raging River,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Raging River

  • Raging River

This facility can takes visitors to slowly climb along the calm river, then shuttle through the narrow waterway, over the winding steep slopes. And in an instant, the rapids and vortices are right in front of visitors’ eyes! Remember to hold on to the hull, because the spacecraft is going to swerve at tremendous speed, and dive straight down at a speed of more than 58 kilometers per hour, and turn up the huge waves, and give visitors the fun of wet body splashing!

  • SAMSUNG GEAR VR Presents Mine Train

    SAMSUNG GEAR VR Presents Mine Train,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    SAMSUNG GEAR VR Presents Mine Train

Mine Train is a roller coaster with the theme of a mine in the western United States. It was completed in 1997 and opened in 2001. The track of Mine Train is 678 meters long and the highest point of it is 85 meters. The journey takes about two minutes.

After wearing the special VR glasses, visitors will immediately begin an ultra-sensory adventure. They can let your body feel the crazy centrifugal force and high-speed headwind, and then use eyes to experience the unparalleled visual shock! During the journey, the ultra-realistic images will match the dynamic changes of the roller coaster. Climbing from the forest to mid-air in the last second, diving into the deep sea in the blink of an eye, and being attacked by robots during the ride, all these will stimulate visitors to the extreme.

Polar Adventure

Arctic Fox Den,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Arctic Fox Den

  • Arctic Fox Den

Here, visitors can learn about Arctic Fox, the secret of how this elusive tundra predator survives in one of the most ruthless and harsh environments on earth! Visitors can see how their short legs and long bushy tails help them adapt to the extreme cold and learn how their fur colour changes from dark brown in summer to white in winter. It also focuses on the human impact on its habitat and covers the key behaviors of the species.

  • Arctic Blast

Here is the exciting and fun “Arctic Blast” roller coaster with the theme of ice and snow. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of flying, and remember to take a group photo with their relatives and friends in the snow-covered “Ice World” square.

Rides’ Requirement
Height  100cm
Age 4 or above
Remarks  Children between 4 and 6 years old age or between 100cm to 120cm of height must sit in the same row with an accompanied adult who has attained the age of 15, with a height of 120cm or above.


Thrill Mountain

  • Bumper Blaster

Here, you can swerve from corner to corner at exhilarating speed with friends and family--a memorable ride steeped for everyone. You can chase other drivers or take your brightly-painted car for a gripping spin on the floor. The bumps and jolts never get old at this timeless carnival attraction.

Rides’ Requirement
Height  Single Rider/Driver:145cm Children:120cm
Age Single Rider/Driver: 12 or above; Children: 8 or above.
Remarks  Children: Minimum 8 years old age and 120cm in height may ride with the driver.

Aqua City

  • Adventures in Australia

    Koala Pavilion,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Koala Pavilion

Here, visitors can walk through the tunnel behind the screen and step into the natural world of “Australian Adventure”, where you can discover the ecological wonders of the Australian inland. A variety of Australia’s precious animal stars, including the fluffy South Australian koala, the bouncing red-necked kangaroo, and the kookaburra whose cry resembles human laughter, will meet you one by one! At the same time, visitors can also learn the environmental protection and happy living concepts of the Australian aborigines while playing, and experience a simple life together!

There is a koala pavilion, which opened since March 24th 2015. Eight koalas were sent to Hong Kong Ocean Park by Australia’s government. Zoo officials arranged desensitization training for koalas to better adapt to their lives and played aircraft engine voices and background sounds so that koalas became accustomed to living in the zoo. Hong Kong Ocean Park launched Australia’s eucalyptus leaves on October 2014 and made three eucalyptus fields in Guangdong province, planting 9 000 trees.

Ocean Express

  • Ocean Express Waterfront Station

    Subsea Tunnel,Hong Kong Ocean Park
    Subsea Tunnel

The “Ocean Express” of Hong Kong Ocean Park was opened in September 2013. It runs in two directions and can carry up to 5,000 passengers per hour in one direction. The train system is not affected by the weather and can still operate under a typhoon. It transports passengers through a 1.3-kilometer tunnel and shuttles between the top and the foot of the Hong Kong Ocean Park in 3 minutes. It can carry 400 people at a time. This is the world’s first two-way mountain railway system with tunnels in a theme park.

The design prototype of the “Ocean Express” is a submarine of a 19th-century explorer. The compartment is equipped with a multimedia system, which broadcasts simulated images through multimedia, allowing passengers to experience the “deep-sea adventure” exploration journey. The films on the way back and forth have different “plots”, such as being attacked by a giant octopus in the deep sea or a volcanic eruption under the sea, etc., bringing different fantasy and exciting experiences to visitors. Therefore, the Ocean Express is not only a means of transportation but also a novel amusement facility. One side is to take a cable car to enjoy the scenery of the Southern District, and the other side is to take a cable car to experience the “deep-sea adventure” journey.


Best Ways to Travel

Take the cable car to Rainforest section → the Rapids → the Dragon → Crazy Galleon → The Abyss- VR Space Voyage → Ocean Theatre → Escalator → SAMSUNG GEAR VR presents Mine Train → Raging River → the Flash → Hair Raiser → Ocean Express → Arctic Blast


Getting Here

 By Bus

On holidays, you can take 107, 170, 171(City Bus) and get off at Hong Kong Ocean Park Station.

Take a bus from Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Ocean Park and get off at the Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza Station. You can take 37B, 37X, 70, 72, 72A, 75, 90, 96, 97, 99, 592 (City Bus), 590, 38, 42, 42C (New territories bus).

Take a bus from Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Ocean Park and get off at Wong Chuk Hang San Wai Station. You can take 6X, 73, 260 (City Bus), 65 (New territories bus).

Take a bus from Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Ocean Park and get off at the Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza Station. You can take 107,171,671(City Bus)/(The Kowloon Motor Bus).

Take a bus from Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Ocean Park and get off at Wong Chuk Hang San Wai Station. You can take 973 (City Bus).

Take a bus from the New Territories to Hong Kong Ocean Park and get off at the Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza Station. You can take 170 (City Bus)/(The Kowloon Motor Bus).


 By Subway

Take South Island Line, and get off at Ocean Park Station.

 By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去香港海洋公园。English: Please take me to Hong Kong Ocean Park.

If you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park from Hong Kong International Airport, it takes about 42 minutes (315 yuan).

If you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park from Victoria Harbour, it takes about 20 minutes (80 yuan).

If you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park from Tsim Sha Tsui, it takes about 16 minutes (72 yuan).

If you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park from Hong Kong Disneyland, it takes about 35 minutes (250 yuan).

If you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park from Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, it takes about 20 minutes (90 yuan).

Roller Coaster,Hong Kong Ocean Park
Roller Coaster


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