Stanley Market


Basic Information of Stanley Market

Chinese Name: 赤柱市场 Pronunciation: Chìzhù Shìchǎng

Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00

Address: 50 meters south of Stanley Market Road, Stanley, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China

Overview: Stanley Market is a street market in Stanley, a coastal town on Hong Kong Island. It is the most lively place in Stanley. There are various small shops and stalls selling leather, silk, and cotton clothing, and Chinese handicrafts. It is a destination for many Hong Kong citizens and a tourist hot spot for foreigners. Stanley’s beautiful coastline and picturesque blue seascape have attracted a large number of yuppies, who like to live a leisurely life, and some foreigners staying in Hong Kong to live here.


What You Need to Know About Stanley Market

Stanley Market brings together a variety of shops, selling clothes, accessories, souvenirs, artworks, and Southeast Asian gadgets. The Stanley Market is very popular, especially on weekends. In the several intersecting streets, there are densely packed traditional shops. Most of the things they sell are traditional Chinese clothes, antiques, and souvenirs, as well as a large number of silk clothes, sportswear and jeans, and many extra-large clothes. There are many bars and restaurants on Stanley Street along the coast that are full of European atmosphere.

Facts to Know about Stanley and Stanley Market:

Stanley Market,Stanley Market
Stanley Market

Stanley is a beautiful town on the southern tip of Hong Kong Island. It was once a British military stronghold and the administrative center of Hong Kong Island.

Stanley Main Beach and St. Stephen’s Beach are popular places for tourists. When the sun rises, the sun forms a red pillar on the water surface, which is known as the “Stanley Sunshine”.

The landmark buildings are Murray House and Blake Pier at Stanley. The Murray House retains the classic Victorian architectural style and is a good choice for shooting retro movies.

The goods sold in Stanley Market are mostly tourist souvenirs, such as postcards, T-shirts and accessories printed with Hong Kong attractions.


History of Stanley Market

Shop in Stanley Market,Stanley Market
Shop in Stanley Market

The beautiful Stanley, located in the southern district of Hong Kong Island, was an important town in the early days of Hong Kong’s opening as a port. According to the literature, as early as four hundred years ago, during the Ming Dynasty, people had settled in Stanley and built villages. It was the place where most residents lived on Hong Kong Island  in the early days of the port.

When Hong Kong was a British colony, Stanley was once used as a military stronghold for the British army and once the administrative center of Hong Kong Island.

Later, due to the greater influence of foreign cultures, Stanley was full of strong European style everywhere. It is a relaxing place with unique scenery in Hong Kong and a famous tourist attraction in Hong Kong. At the same time, the Stanley Market has quietly flourished.


What to Buy

Chinese characteristic silk fabrics, embroideries, Cloisonne products, jade, and wood crafts


What to Eat

Snacks to Taste: Caramel nirvana (HK$ 36), Chocolate tart (HK$ 36)

Recommended Local Flavor to Try: Premium Shrimp Dumpling (Chung’s House); Seafood Bucket (The Boathouse)


Special Experience to Explore

1. Stanley Main Beach with a pleasant seaside view and soft sands, where you can enjoy sunbathing and walking on the beach.

2. Murray House is one of the largest existing reconstruction projects in Hong Kong, and it is also the only remaining Victorian classical building in Hong Kong&HK Maritime Museum.

3. Tin Hau Temple with a history of more than 600 years, where you can pray for safety and peace for your family.

4. Stanley Plaza Shopping Center with all-weather design, where you can shop and enjoy the surrounding scenery of Stanley.


Interesting Stories of Stanley Market

Stanley Market,Stanley Market
Stanley Market

The English name “Stanley” is derived from Lord Stanley, the former British Prime Minister. The origin of its Chinese name “Chizhu”, which means red pillar, is relatively local and has nothing to do with the British and colonial culture. There are two opinions: first, because of the beautiful beaches of Stanley, every time when the sun rises and reflects on the sea, a red pillar is formed, thus getting the reputation of “red pillar in the morning sunlight” (Chizhu Zhaohui); secondly, there were many kapok trees in Stanley, and the bright red flowers looked like red pillars from a distance, hence the name “Chizhu”.


Warm Tips

1. The sun in Stanley is very strong. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, an umbrella, and a hat to avoid sunburn.

2. Most businesses in the market are not allowed to take pictures.

3. Price negotiation is available for market shopping, but not for Stanley Plaza Shopping Mall.

4. Additional fees are required for restaurants in Murray House.

5. Some shops do not accept RMB, so it is recommended to bring some Hong Kong dollars.


How to Get to Stanley Market

By Bus

Take bus 6, 6A, 6X, 260 at the Central (Exchange Square) bus terminal and get off at Stanly Village bus terminal.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去赤柱市场。 English: Please take me to Stanley Market.

If you go to Stanley Market from the Central by taxi, it takes about 25 minutes (145 HKD).

If you go to Stanley Market from the Hong Kong International Airport, it takes about 1 hour (450 HKD).

If you go to Stanley Market from the Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station, it takes about 35 minutes (180 HKD).

Stanley Town Coastal Scenery,Hong Kong
Stanley Town Coastal Scenery

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