Sha Tin Racecourse


Basic Information of Sha Tin Racecourse

Chinese Name: 沙田马场 Pronunciation: Shātián Mǎchǎng

Capacity: 85,000 people

Building Time: 1978

Suggested Visiting Hours: 1 Day

Building Function: To explore characteristic horse-racing culture.

Address: Tai Po Road, Sha Tin District, New Territories, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China


Ticket Price

Public Enclosure Admission HK$10 or Octopus card
Members Enclosure Admission with a Tourist Badge Regular Race Meetings HK$130 each
Major Race Meetings HK$190 each


  • Notice:

1. To enter the special betting zone within the Public Enclosure, an additional admission fee applies;

2. Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to bet or enter premises where bets are accepted;

3. A Tourist Badge shall be purchased at the designated counter at Members Main Entrance of the racecourses on the race days, or pre-purchase them at the designated off-course betting branches ten days before races.


Opening Hours

Day Racing usually takes place on Sundays or Saturdays, which would be held at the Sha Tin Racecourse. General opening time: 11:00 a.m. (Day Racing starts at 13:00.)

Night Racing usually takes place on Wednesdays(held at the Happy Valley Racecourse), but if Wednesday is holiday, the racing would be held in daytime. (Night Racing starts at 19:15.)


  • Tips:

1. The specific racing time is subject to the official announcement.

2. If there are more than 10 races during the day or more than 8 races during the night, the opening time will bring forward accordingly.


What You Need to Know about Sha Tin Racecourse

Horse Race,Sha Tin Racecourse
Horse Race

Sha Tin Racecourse was built in 1978 by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It has a turf track and a dirt track, with 23 stables for a capacity of 1,260 horses. Many international competitions are held here every year and it attracts top competitors from all over the world.

Sha Tin Racecourse has two grandstands, which are divided into member seats and public seats. The grandstands have a capacity of 85,000. Within the racecourse, there is the world’s widest color screen, which displays detailed information and results of each race. It is also equipped with betting halls, hay markets, media halls, restaurants, racing laboratories, and many other facilities. The side of the stand provides members with dining and recreational facilities.

Sha Tin Racecourse refers to the design of the world’s advanced racecourses. The layout is similar to racecourses in American Belmont Park and Santa Anita, providing a broader view for spectators in the stands. The center of the racecourse is the beautiful Penford Park, which provides a recreational space for the public.


History of Sha Tin Racecourse

In 1964, with the popularization of horse racing in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Jockey Club considered building a new racecourse to promote the development of horse-racing.

In October 1971, the government approved to build a racecourse in Sha Tin and the construction started in December 1973.

The construction of the racecourse required the reclamation in the area of Sha Tin Sea, which was the largest single reclamation project in Hong Kong at that time. The reclamation project began in March 1974.

On October 7, 1978, the racecourse officially opened. The first race was also held in the afternoon of that day. At that time, the grandstand can hold an audience of 35,000.

In November 1985, the second grandstand was completed and put into operation.

As of 2003, there were 23 stables, providing a shelter for 1,260 horses.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club also built a series of advanced facilities to improve the race, such as the equine hospital, racing laboratory, and riverside gallop. On August 31, 2003, the world’s widest high-resolution color screen was launched.

For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong co-organized equestrian events. Hong Kong Sports Academy, adjacent to Sha Tin Racecourse, was remodeled to be the main venue for competitions.

In 2012, the Hong Kong Jockey Club refurbished the public betting hall and added two giant TV screens, using full HD signals and also providing larger views for horse fans to enjoy the games.


What You Cannot Miss at Sha Tin Racecourse

Penford Park was opened in 1978 and was built in the center of the racetrack of the Sha Tin Racecourse. It is open on non-race days. It covers an area of 80,000 square meters, with three artificial small lakes, a Chinese pavilion, a playground, a plant maze, and a zoo, etc.

Good to Know

If you want to watch horse races, it is best to check the race time in advance on the official website of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Vests, shorts, and slippers are not allowed in the membership seats.


Ways to Get to Sha Tin Racecourse

By Bus

Take bus 848, 868, 869, 872, 872X, 887, 888 or 889 and get off at Sha Tin Racecourse Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去沙田马场。English: Please take me to Sha Tin Racecourse.

If you go to Sha Tin Racecourse from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, it takes about 25 minutes (about HK$145).

If you go to Sha Tin Racecourse from Hong Kong International Airport, it takes about 35 minutes (about HK$340).

If you go to Sha Tin Racecourse from M1 Hotel Mong Kok, it takes about 20 minutes (about HK$110).

Sha Tin Racecourse,Sha Tin Racecourse
Sha Tin Racecourse

Question & Answer
4 Questions
Asked by Phyllis USA | 08/20/2021 18:07 Reply
Is there any other entertainment places?
1 Answer
Answered by Mary China | 10/11/2021 17:48
Reply 0 0
There is a park where you can relax if you are not interested in horse racing.
Asked by Evelyn Canada | 08/17/2021 18:23 Reply
sha tin racecourse hong kong
Are children allowed to go into the racecourse?
1 Answer
Answered by Lillian UK | 09/15/2021 09:34
Reply 0 0
Children are not allowed to enter. Only people above 18 years old are allowed to enter.
Asked by Laris UK | 07/26/2021 17:57 Reply
Are there restaurants inside?
Are there restaurants inside?
1 Answer
Answered by Sarah USA | 08/17/2021 09:28
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There is a Cafe on the second floor of the second grandstand, where you can taste Hong Kong cuisine.
Asked by Jade South Africa | 07/06/2021 17:57 Reply
hk tour
can you book the ticket for me ?
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