Shek O


Basic Facts of Shek O

Chinese Name: 石澳 Pronunciation: Shíào

Admission Ticket Fare: Free

Opening Hours: All Day

Suggested Visiting Hours: 2 to 3 hours

Address: East of the Southern District of Hong Kong, China


What You Need to Know about Shek O

Shek O, Shek O
Shek O

Shek O is located in the east of the Southern District of Hong Kong. Apart from Shek O beach, Shek O also includes Shek O Country Park and Cape D’ Aguilar. Shek O is a peninsula on the south coast of Hong Kong Island facing the South China Sea. Shek O has beautiful scenery and a rustic environment, so many music videos of Cantonese pop music are shot here, and many literary works such as romance novels are also created based on “Shek O Beach”.

Recently Shek O has become extremely popular in China even around the world. You can see many village houses and senior villas here. The natural landscape here is magnificent. In addition to the beautiful beach there is a unique granite road called Dragon’s Back to the east coast. It is a good choice for hiking enthusiasts and adventure lovers. When walking on this path, you will have a panoramic view of the sea and mountains.

Shek O is a coastal area with a quiet environment and Shek O beach, known for its clear water and fine sand, which is one important reason why it attracts a large number of swimmers and surfers. There are many rocky cliffs along the beach, and it is a good place for climbers. On the beach many retail shops sell all kinds of basic swimming equipment for tourists.

  • Geology and Landform

Shek O, located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island, has rolling hills, dense forests and amazing seas. Walking on the trails winding along the creek, you can see steep mountain peaks and have a distant view of the nearby sweeping bay along the way.

The scenery along the trails is beautiful, with distant views of Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek O and the outlying islands, as well as the scenery of Tai Tam Bay. The area has long been a good place for residents to take a morning walk and enjoy nature.


What to See & Experience in Shek O

Shek O Beach

Shek O Beach, Shek O
Shek O Beach

Shek O Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong. It is favoured by many residents and tourists, besides, people can get a relax and avoid summer heat there. The blue sky, golden sand, clear water, and beautiful environment make it a popular place during the summer. Visitors can enjoy the charming Shek O scenery such as the fine sand and unbeatable views of the sea. Its rustic and quiet environment make it a paradise not only for beach bums but also for surfing enthusiasts. At the beach there are stores selling swimming equipment and there are lifeguards guaranteeing bathers’ safe. The rocky cliffs with huge stones attract a large number of rock climbers.

Also, it is a fantastic barbecue spot. Shek O has one of the biggest public barbecue sites, where the tourists can have unlimited time grilling on the beach. The Shek O Beach will be crowded on holidays as a large number of beach bums and barbecue lovers will come here.

Shek O Country Park

Shek O Country Park, Shek O
Shek O Country Park

Founded in 1979, Shek O Country Park covers an area of about 701 hectares. There are three connected mountain paths in the park, each of which has a beautiful scenery where tourists can enjoy the fresh air and have a good view of Shek O. Besides, it has already become a good place for the residents nearby to do their morning exercise and enjoy hiking. In the park, there are also many picnic areas for the visitors.

Shek O Country Park is famous for its undulating mountain paths, which are called the Dragon’s Back, as each path looks like a dragon’s back. Driving on these mountain roads, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery from Shek O to Big Wave Bay. Besides, it is one of the most popular hiking spots in Hong Kong and it has a perfect hiking trail for beginners. These paths will take you to the summit of Shek O Peak, where you can overlook the whole Shek O area.


Tips on Planning Your One-Day Trip

1. Barbecue Area
The public barbecue site is open all day and it follows a first-come, first-served principle, so if you want a good barbecue spot, be sure to get there early.

2. Visitors are required to prepare food and other barbecue supplies if they decided to finish the barbecue by themselves, while they will be provided with charcoal and food if they choose one privately owned spot.


Recommended Route

Shek O Beach→Shek O Country Park→Climbing Area→Barbecue Area  



By Bus

Take take bus 9 (New World First Bus of Hong Kong) and get off at the Shek O Station.

By Taxi

Chinese: 请带我去石澳。English: Please take me to Shek O.

If you go to Shek O from Hong Kong International Airport, it takes about 400 HKD (about 1 hour).

If you go to Shek O from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, it takes about 200 HKD (about 40 minutes).

If you go to Shek O from the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, it takes about 150 HKD (about 20 minutes).

Shek O Beach, Shek O
Shek O Beach

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